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Couri insurance

Couri insurance is provided by a special group of Couri Insurance Associates which offer a wide range of coverage types. Among them are the following: accident insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, long term care, low cost term life insurance, Medicare supplement policies, mortgage life insurance, student health insurance, short term health insurance, and travel insurance. One of the notable advantages offered by Couri insurance programs is that a coverage plan may be worked out specifically for you taking into account your needs and budget. Both group health plans and individual health plans are available under Couri insurance programs. Entry fees, franchise or automation fees are not required.

Couri Insurance agencies are affiliated in the seven states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Arizona. They deal with a great number of quality insurance contracts from which a client may choose the most suitable and affordable one. Couri is considered to be one of the largest insurance agencies in the Midwest and it finds a ready market due to a wide scope of insurance programs it offers to the consumer.

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