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Tips On Rental Car Insurance

While renting a car one needs to get a special kind of insurance coverage designed for it. Typically there are 4 main coverages that will be offered while you are at the rental counter. Many of these may be covered with your personal or corporate auto and health insurance coverages.

Collision damage waiver gives a right for a rental car company to recover money from the renter if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. This also covers for time a damaged car can not be rented because it is being damaged.

Liability coverage deals with covering damage you do to someone else while driving a rental car. Many companies also offer personal liability coverage which includes supplemental or additional liability coverage.

Personal accident insurance covers medical and ambulance bills for the driver and passengers in the event of an accident. This service is generally covered under your auto or health policies.

Personal effects coverage protects against theft of items in the vehicle. Opting for this coverage may be of your own decision since there is no such a coverage under another existing insurance policies.

You should take into consideration that not only your personal car insurance but also some credit cards are able to cover damages to your rental car or theft. This may replace the need for collision damage waiver offered at the car rental counter. But you should also check it up with your credit card company to see what kinds of vehicles are covered and what not.

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