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Towing and Labor Coverage

Towing and Labor coverage pays the cost of having your car towed out if it gets stuck as well as having it towed to the nearest point of service, and the cost of labor needed to get your car running again. The services covered by this policy generally include change of a tire, delivery of gasoline, oil, or any faulty parts. The coverage, however, does not reimburse the cost of any parts necessary to get your car repaired, just the labor for installation.

Towing and Labor coverage is usually an additional Auto Insurance policy. It is available if you have purchased at least Comprehensive Coverage. This is an attachment to the selected policy that is used to extend your Auto Insurance coverage with regard to different exposures, whether or not there is an accident involved. The coverage is normally subject to a total specified limit on the amount of towing and labor costs, depending on the insurance company you are dealing with.

As always, it is important to consider the options to determine whether or not the coverage is necessary. When choosing an optional alternative for Towing and Labor coverage, you should tailor your Auto policy coverage to your needs, taking into account what you already have. Carefully study the offered towing arrangement and find out what labor costs are reimbursable.

You need Towing and Labor coverage if, for example, the policy you have purchased does not cover roadside assistance. But make sure you do not have duplicate coverage from other sources. Keeping Towing and Labor coverage on your Auto Insurance policy will be unnecessary if you are already paying for your membership with a roadside assistance company, which provides the services for about the same cost.

Find out if there are any restrictions associated with the coverage, such as miles for towing or time limitations. Be sure to review your policy for these details of the coverage, since most companies offer choices.

Towing and Labor coverage, an option as it is, is worth purchasing provided it is a reasonable contribution to your Auto Insurance policy which ensures your comfort and safety and at the same time does not cause your premium rates to go up significantly.