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Health Insurance for Employees

When people apply for jobs, as a rule, they are provided with employee health insurance. It is only a part of the insurance package along with employees’ retirement and employees’ life insurance. Our health is the object that requires plenty of our attention. Having health insurance is especially important for those who work at some risky jobs.

Nowadays there are a lot of insurance companies which specialize with this type of insurance attracting the customers with the most tempting insurance programs and favorable plans.

Health insurance is health care provided by an employer. The company which guarantees its employees health insurance benefits pays for all or part of the health insurance premiums for their employees. Health insurance coverage is an employee welfare benefit plan established or maintained by an employer or by an employee organization like a union that provides health care for its participants and their dependents through insurance coverage or reimbursement.

The practice of providing health related benefits to the employees is fairly common among companies and businesses although they are not required by law to offer health insurance benefits to their employees. The health benefits include medical, disability, dental and life insurance.

When offering health insurance benefits employers must not turn to discrimination on the assumption of an employee’s gender, race, age, national origin or disability. There must be excluded the cases like providing lesser coverage or ceasing offering coverage to older workers, treating pregnancy-related disabilities different from other health conditions, refusing to provide coverage based on an employee’s actual disability.

Employers must notify employees of plan eligibility standards, claim procedures, participants’ rights. They must also manage and invest plan funds according to the best interests of the employees.