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College health insurance

College health insurance is a type of insurance scheme designed for students who do not want to be or cannot be listed as dependants in their parents' health policy. Most colleges and universities offer their own college health plans helping their enrollees avoid many problems. College health insurance can be an urgent need, for example, if the insurer covering the parents sets certain age limits for dependants. Another typical situation that can be a stimulus to look into what college health plans are offered at a particular educational establishment is when the student goes to college outside the HMO or PPO region of the parents' health plan. This is when college health insurance comes into play. In certain cases it can come as part of your tuition.

Benefits vary from college to college according to the state laws. Typically, there is no charge for doctor visits, but you will most likely be charged for lab tests, x-rays, prescriptions and medical procedures. Normally a college health insurance plan will reimburse 100% of the covered services at the college health center, but in case of getting treatment outside, a deductible is required and your overall coverage can drop.