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Massachusetts temporary health insurance

Massachusetts temporary health insurance is an insurance program providing temporary medical insurance for people who for the time being appear to be without any health insurance. They may be between jobs, they may have odd jobs or part-time employment, they can be graduates who no longer qualify for their parents' health plan, or they can be waiting for permanent health insurance. In all these cases Massachusetts temporary health insurance provides its policyholders with healthcare coverage against an unforeseen illness or an injury. However, as this type of insurance is intended to cover the gap before one gets a standard healthcare policy, preventive care and routine medical examinations are excluded from coverage. Since coverage is limited, the premiums are lower than with a permanent health insurance plan.

Coverage goes into effect the next day after purchase and the term of validity is usually from 30 days up to 180 days depending on the policy. It allows both options: one single payment and monthly installments. With this insurance plan a policyholder is not limited in the choice of medical providers and can receive treatment from any licensed provider.