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Umbrella policies

Umbrella policies are specially designed to provide an extra measure of security and to offer you additional protection beyond the limits set in your homeowners, car and watercraft policies, especially those on liability insurance. Thus, umbrella policies are meant to extend the coverage under your policy cushioning you against accidents and mishaps that can befall you or your guests as well as to prevent you from being hit with a liability lawsuit. As its name suggests, an umbrella policy acts like an additional shield of extra protection which can be well-coordinated with your existing policy. Usually umbrella policies go into effect after you exhaust the limit coverage specified in your current insurance contract. Naturally, it is easier to coordinate efforts if you deal with the same insurance company, which can result in discounts and can save you a lot of time you would need to collect and submit all the documents for the umbrella company. Nowadays umbrellas are relatively inexpensive because the best part of your claim is paid out through your primary insurance. Meanwhile, they can give you a great psychological comfort of knowing that you are protected.