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Lady Driver Insurance

Lady Driver Insurance is a special kind of Car Insurance designed for women drivers. This insurance policy is based on the assumption that women are by their nature less perilous drivers than men and therefore are less likely to make large insurance claims. Quite a natural outcome of this assumption is that if you are a female driver and a holder of Lady Driver Insurance, you may pay noticeably lower premiums. The distinctive feature of Lady Driver Insurance is that it is committed to cutting the costs when offering a competitive policy no matter whether you are an experienced driver or just a beginner. However, if you have had many claims, your premiums may go up. The premiums thus depend on your driving history. If you drive carefully and do not file too many large claims, Lady Driver Insurance will provide effective protection against all the specified contingencies. The underlying economic principle of this insurance which brings it into effect is to make as many women as possible choose this insurance plan because it will increase profit margin on sales thus benefiting both sides, the insurer and the policyholder.