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Windstorm Insurance

Windstorm Insurance is usually ascribed to Homeowners policies. Windstorm Insurance is a special type of insurance dealing with windstorm issues, including high winds, tempests, heavy gales, hail, hurricanes and cyclones. Protection of your dwelling against windstorm is not included in the list of covered perils under most types of Homeowners Insurance policies, though in some cases it is, which is rather seldom. That is why for those who live in an area prone to windstorms, it makes perfect sense to think about getting windstorm coverage.

Normally Windstorm Insurance is offered as an endorsement to a Homeowners policy. However if a person lives in a high-risk area, it is advisable to purchase a separate windstorm policy on your house as it ensures additional protection.

Windstorm Insurance exists in various forms. In some cases Windstorm Insurance can also refer to other property apart from the insured dwelling depending on the type of your Homeowners policy. It may cover your car in case it suffers a loss from a windstorm as well as it may cover your living expenses in case your home becomes unfit for living due to a damage by windstorm.

Windstorm Insurance proves to be important for both home owners and people living in condominiums in case they pay off a mortgage because lenders actually require it. Windstorm Insurance thus safeguards the interests of the lender who has a legitimate hold on the property.