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Wind Damage Insurance

Wind Damage Insurance is designed to cover the aftermath of windstorms. When a windstorm occurs, it can wreak real havoc on your property. This is when Wind Damage Insurance is a benefit that can be thoroughly thought over in advance. Generally Wind Damage Insurance covers not only wind damage inflicted on your home and your property, but also damage from fallen trees as well as the cost of trees removal as a harmful effect of windstorms. Besides, Wind Damage Insurance often includes Loss of Use coverage if your home becomes unfit for living due to the damage caused by hurricanes, heavy winds, severe gales or hail. In some cases you may also apply for reimbursement in case your property outside your home, for example, your car, happens to be damaged by wind.

Depending on the company you are applying to, it may offer either a separate Wind Damage Insurance or a special endorsement to your homeowners policy which will ensure it against wind damage. As a sort of Homeowners Insurance policies Wind Damage Insurance requires regular deductibles. Normally insurance companies determine deductibles for Wind Damage Insurance themselves, except Florida, where deductibles are fixed by the state administration.

There are two basic types of wind damage deductibles - hurricane deductibles which are applied only to damage caused by hurricanes and wind/hail deductibles per se which are applied to any kind of wind damage. Wind Damage Insurance allows for special discounts but for this you are required to take the trouble to obtain a building professional certification of the insured premises.