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Prescription insurance coverage

Prescription insurance coverage is an insurance scheme specially developed for people who need drug coverage. It is quite a typical situation with health insurance in the USA that prescription drugs are excluded from coverage and policyholders have to buy additional coverage to be sure that prescription drugs will be reimbursed. Even Medicare, the government health insurance program, does not provide coverage for prescription drugs. But it offers two supplemental types of plans providing prescription drug coverage: stand-alone prescription drug plans and Medicare advantage-prescription drug plans. For any of these plans you are to be enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.

For people with chronic and critical diseases prescription insurance coverage is a life-saving means that helps offset enormous medical costs. That is why nowadays many insurance companies offer stand-alone prescription drug plans to individuals.

The federal and the state prescription insurance plans offer different levels of coverage, eligibility requirements, premiums and deductibles. Your age, income, health condition can exert noticeable influence on the amount of your premium payment.