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Inexperienced driver insurance

Inexperienced driver insurance is insurance designed for drivers with little experience on the road which usually rewards careful drivers with a specified minimum discount. In this way this type of auto insurance focuses on safety.

Inexperienced drivers prove to be statistically less safe on the road than other groups of drivers and financial implications can be huge and burdensome for them. It is a fact of life that young and inexperienced drivers cannot get cheap car insurance. Though in both cases it is about driving experience, these two types of coverage differ. That is why right from the onset it is important to determine if you need coverage for young or inexperienced drivers and then to make sure that you qualify for inexperienced driver insurance.

After all, inexperienced driver insurance helps curtail expenses associated with potential risks, especially after you have accumulated three or more years of good driving experience. Then different types of discounts are available to you, such as low mileage or no-claim discounts. Until you have the three (possibly more) years record, in case you live with your parents, it is much cheaper to include you in your parents' policy.