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Landlord contents insurance

Landlord contents insurance is an insurance contract that is aimed at safeguarding your rental property when you have tenants living on your property. Your tenants may and most likely will take out their own insurance for their personal belongings, but you still need to provide coverage for possible damage to the items you have supplied, such as floor coverings, curtains or any electrical appliances, etc. So this policy is required if you are renting out furnished apartments.

Landlord contents insurance is available either in conjunction with building insurance or on its own. As a landlord you may want to have the building and the contents you have in this building ensured separately because you do not need to ensure the building or because you share the expenses for building insurance with someone. Landlord contents insurance allows you to do it.

Unlike standard homeowners policies, landlord contents insurance does not exclude burst pipes and theft if the property is unoccupied for more than 30 days. This insurance plan covers any malicious damage and reimburses the loss of rental income.