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Privilege car insurance

Companies specializing in privilege car insurance aim at covering policyholders with impressive no claims account for a set period, usually 4 years and longer, and providing them with special benefits. Privilege car insurance thus offers a reward to those who drive carefully and have a good control of a vehicle on the road. This reward takes the form of discounts, good rates and favorable contract clauses.

The services under a privilege car insurance contract include quite a standard set for car insurance plus privileges granted under specified conditions depending on your driving experience: emergency roadside assistance, 24-hour accident recovery, windscreen replacement, audio replacement, a courtesy car in case of an accident, to name just a few. Some of these services, such as securing access to a hire car, can be available for additional price. There is also a benefits package that is often offered alongside the standard benefits and that can help you save up in different situations.

On average, privilege car insurance will beat your car renewal quote on an equivalent basis. Thus, if you are a careful driver, it offers competitive car coverage for a lower price.