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Non Driver Insurance

If you don't drive, you can qualify for a non driver ID card, which contains all the necessary personal identification information and features just like a driver license. It is basically the same as a driver's license with the only exception that it doesn't give you the right to drive. A person of any age can obtain a driver ID card, with parental consent required for applicants under 16 years of age.

A Non Driver Identification Card is the type of document which serves as an official proof of identification. It can be used as secure identification for cashing checks, boarding planes, buying alcohol or other products requiring a minimum age, or identifying yourself to law enforcement. If you don't have a driver's license, using a non-driver ID card is very convenient in any circumstances when you need to prove your identity and age.

In case your driver's license has been suspended, or revoked, you may also need a non-driver ID card. For example, you will need it when applying for a job, opening a bank account, purchasing alcohol, or traveling by airplane and for many other reasons. In other words, if you don't have a driver's license, getting a non driver ID card is the right thing to do.

Then, some people prefer to use public transportation due to various reasons. More often than not there is no sense in taking the driving tests and paying more insurance premiums and obtain a license they won't really use. If you do not own a vehicle but still want to be insured, you can purchase Non-owners Auto Insurance.

In order to get a non driver ID card, you will need to fill out an application at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). You may apply for a short-term card (valid for 4-5 years) or a long-term card (valid for 8-9 years). In case you are 62 years old or receive Social Security Income (SSI) you qualify for a 10-year card and will get it at a discount. Generally, application is similar to the one for a new license, renewal, or a duplicate license. You will receive a temporary non-photo ID until the DMV mail you your permanent photo card within 5 weeks.