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Nursery insurance

Nursery insurance is for you if you run or manage an establishment providing residential or day care for babies and very young children. It ensures protection for the nursery children including both safety and good health, sometimes it covers the staff employed in your establishment, and it also provides coverage for the premises where the nursery is located. Nursery insurance may also reimburse you for legal expenses associated with protecting your registration certificate.

If you guard your good reputation, nursery insurance fulfills two functions simultaneously: it renders protection to the children in your charge and it helps demonstrate that you act taking into consideration the needs of the children entrusted to your care and the needs of their parents as your customers. Parents are also interested in nursery insurance because they understand that it can alleviate their financial burden in case something happens to their child in the nursery. Thus, nursery insurance is not only a financial product, it is also a sign of your good reputation as a manager of a child care organization, a sign of your reliability that shows parents that you are serious about their children's needs.