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Taxi insurance

Taxi insurance is a special type of a car insurance contract worked out specially for taxi drivers and taxi owners to protect their professional interests and property. This insurance is a sort of a bridge that enables taxi drivers and those with commercial interest in taxi industry to combine excellent professional service and care for the customers, and at the same time it allows them to tailor a professional necessity to their needs and their budget.

Taxi insurance is available in both private hire and public hire, and therefore it offers different packages for private hire insurance and hackney hire insurance correspondingly.

The range of services typically rendered under a taxi insurance contract reflects the basic guidelines of car insurance. Thus, taxi insurance covers loss or damage to vehicles, accident recovery service, legal expenses and public liability. It also offers options to include taxi breakdown and monthly payment plans. Besides, taxi insurance may provide fleet policies to cover for fleets of vehicles, which can be convenient if you own a taxi park. In some cases short-term taxi insurance policies are on sale.