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Snowboarding insurance

Snowboarding insurance is designed to reduce the effects of snowboarding accidents which happen rather often and which are almost impossible to prevent. Moving across snow on a snowboard at a high speed is a risky activity, attractive and exciting as it is for thrill-seekers. The risk is high, but it can hardly be gauged. Without snowboarding insurance which is tailored specifically for such purposes it is very difficult to set off exorbitant medical bills or charges imposed on you in case a law suit.

In most general terms, snowboarding insurance is to safeguard you riding a snowboard. It provides coverage for emergency medical treatment and transportation in case of an evacuation (either by air or by the road), and it reimburses liability expenses. Besides, poor weather conditions (avalanches, heavy snow, ice) are usually on the list of potential perils. Some policies also provide compensations for delays and cancellations.

As well as skiing insurance, snowboarding insurance can be added to your travel insurance or be part of your winter sport insurance. Usually both standard snowboarding (downhill and off-piste) and amateur snowboarding are offered for coverage.