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AAA insurance company

AAA insurance company, or American Automobile Association insurance company, is committed to providing different types of insurance-related products to the public. Originally designed to render roadside assistance, AAA insurance companies nowadays cater for more services than towing, emergency tire changing, gasoline supply and jump-starting. Besides Auto Insurance per se and an impressive array of car services, AAA insurance companies provide additional benefits to their members, such as travel guides, hotel directories and reservations, maps, car rentals as well as discounts that help policyholders save money on services that can be of use. Moreover, products offered by AAA insurance companies may include Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Homeowners Insurance. Among them the best known throughout the nation is AAA Life Insurance. Still, the primary focus of AAA insurance companies is on three types of car insurance coverage, namely protection for yourself, your passengers and your assets. Usually membership is based on residence, but AAA insurance companies share reciprocal benefits and provide standard services to members of AAA clubs across the country.