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American Mutual Insurance

American Mutual Insurance is a special system of providing insurance in the USA by which all policyholders become members of the insurance company under contract, which makes it incumbent upon them to pay premiums into a common fund out of which claims are paid. Under an American Mutual Insurance contract policyholders acquire certain rights in the company. For example, it is noteworthy that policyholders have the right to participate in the distribution of any net assets or surplus value of the company. At the same time people under an American Mutual Insurance contract are liable to indemnification in case of a loss. For this reason some of the insurance companies have recently abandoned the mutual interest principle and become public companies in an attempt to foster the company's ability to raise its capital.

American Mutual Insurance embraces all the major domains of insurance industry such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Homeowners Insurance and Business Insurance. It also includes investment and retirement-planning products. Each type of an insurance plan offers different types of policies which usually reflect the corresponding types of standard policies and sometimes services which are usually offered as endorsements. For example, American Mutual Car Insurance includes coverage for damage to your vehicle, liability coverage, personal injury coverage, uninsured motorist coverage and optional coverages.

Among American Mutual Insurance providers American Family Insurance Group with a network of subsidiaries throughout the country is acknowledged to be the one offering the widest spectrum of services.