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Equine insurance

Equine insurance provides coverage for horses and horse-related risks. It offers a variety of coverage types for people who own horses and who are involved in breeding and training horses. The most demanded equine insurance plans encompass equine mortality and theft insurance, general liability coverage, private horse owner liability coverage, care, custody and control coverage, horse farm insurance, riding club insurance, equestrian ranch and estate insurance. Each of the policies focuses on a specific sector of clients with different needs and conditions. Thus, individual horse liability coverage is designed specifically for horse owners whose income is not based on horse breeding or training and it indemnifies them for legal liabilities. Equine mortality and theft is a special form of term life insurance for your horse in which you are the named beneficiary. Equine care, custody and control is for professionals who board and train other people's horses and covers death, theft or injury of a horse you are responsible for. There are special endorsements available to almost every policy. Most insurers offer both domestic and international equine insurance policies.