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Driving instructor insurance

Driving instructor insurance is a specialist insurance program designed to cover driving instructors against damage inflicted on the insured car and to help them promote their business.

Driving instructor insurance is an alternative to standard car insurance policies which provides additional benefits to driving instructors with regard to their professional interests and working conditions. For example, this insurance covers not only the car owner but also any driver who happens to be involved in an accident. That is why the insurer will reimburse your expenses should a learner incur loss or damage to your car while under training. Even drivers who have been convicted or those whose license has been suspended are eligible for coverage.

Traditional benefits are also offered under this type of a car insurance policy. Any damage rendering the vehicle unusable is indemnified, no-claims discounts and monthly installments are available, legal expenses are reimbursed.

Driving instructor insurance is a special insurance product because it targets a relatively small group of specialists, but most importantly, it provides them with competitive and affordable coverage.