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Employers Mutual Insurance Company

Employers Mutual Insurance Company is the trade name used by a group of affiliated insurance companies and agencies providing various types of insurance products and services. They offer protection for home, life, auto and business.

If you are an employee, Employers Mutual Company will offer you many options and a high-quality professional service. If you are an employer, there is a great probability that sooner or later you will consider insurance for your employees.

Employers mutual insurance is an alternative worth considering. First and foremost, it focuses on benefits for employees and at the same time it protects you against idle time due to contingencies that may occur to your employees. These benefits include both commercial lines and personal lines. The primary services under commercial lines are casualty and liability workers' compensations. Personal protection can vary. It provides typical insurance plans to protect life, health, car, home and possessions and is offered to employees with the employer's lawful consent.

Employers Mutual Insurance Company ranks among 60 best insurance companies in the USA due to its consistently high quality of service.