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Nursing home ratings

Nursing home ratings present information for comparing and evaluating nursing homes throughout the United States. An overview of nursing homes with the purpose to rate them includes information about the fees, patients' rights and nursing home characteristics which indicate whether the nursing home meets the standards for a particular set of requirements (for example, if the nursing home in question is really staffed and equipped to care for aged or infirm people), including reports based on recent government's surveys. Inspections conducted by official healthcare professionals to assess compliance with the federal standards are a reliable indicator of both the quality level of care and possible fees. It should be mentioned that most web sites providing nursing home ratings furnish information about Medicaid and Medicare certified nursing homes. But there are other types of facilities that provide skilled nursing care and render assistance with activities of daily living, but they are licensed at the state level. Therefore, comparing nursing home ratings carefully can help you choose an appropriate medical facility for your loved relative who needs skilled care.