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Insurance No License

Insurance no license is a special type of Auto Insurance policies. This type of insurance is a valid option if you want to take out Auto Insurance but do not have a driver's license. Most insurance companies refuse to provide insurance in case you do not have a license and will not accept liability in case specified losses occur if you cannot provide documentary proof of a valid driver's license. Thus, if you own a vehicle but have not got a driver's license yet, Insurance No License facilitates the trouble of getting coverage for damage that can be inflicted on your vehicle.

Another possible application of Insurance No License can be illustrated with a potential situation when you happen to be under suspension or revocation of your Auto Insurance. Driving without a driver's license is a traffic offense. As a penalty your policy can be revoked for a period which is fixed in accordance with the nature and the number of previous offenses. In such cases Insurance No License can be beneficial as it guarantees safety of your vehicle while your Auto Insurance is revoked or when it is in danger of being cancelled and not renewed. Besides, Insurance No License allows you to entrust your vehicle to an authorized person whom you can specify on your policy.

Insurance No License is a good initiative to help make Auto Insurance available to those people who appear to be without a driver's license and, therefore, unauthorized to drive a motor vehicle. Insurance No License is a financial and legal cushion a careful driver, meticulous about his car, or a beginner will make use of for legal and liability reasons.