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Mobile home renters insurance

Mobile home renters insurance is a type of residential property insurance worked out for people who rent mobile/manufactured homes. "Mobile" and "manufactured" homes are basically the same thing, they differ only in the fact that a "manufactured home" is the identification of the government in application to mobile homes built after 1976. Mobile homes are fragile structures vulnerable to damage resulting from wind and fire, and therefore, they need special protection.

Mobile home renters insurance offers two major types of coverage: coverage for personal effects that protects your possessions (clothes, furniture, household utensils and appliances, etc.) and coverage for liability which attains importance if you are found legally responsible in the event of personal injury or property damage.

What makes mobile home renters insurance a product in demand is that your possessions are not protected under your landlord's insurance. Liability is also excluded from your landlord's policy. Mobile home renters insurance is relatively cheap but it can help you be and feel protected. It may also include loss of use coverage or you may be offered to buy it at a small extra cost.