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Annual Travel Insurance Wide World

If you are planning to take more than one trip wide world during a twelve month period either for pleasure or for business you should take care of obtaining a special policy of Annual Travel Insurance, to be exact an annual Multi Trip policy. This policy will be more cost effective than booking separate policies for each trip. This policy promises you coverage for an unlimited number of trips you may take during the year. The policy also takes into account traveling alone or in couple. If you decide to travel together with your partner you will be covered by the Annual Travel Insurance. At the same time both persons insured on the policy can travel independently and be sure that you both will be covered for your trips. Other services included in the insurance policy are coverage for loss, theft or damage to luggage, for extra travel and accommodation costs if you are delayed as a result of missed departure or connection, for personal liability in case you damage the property you are staying in or accidentally injure someone, for medical expenses, for legal costs.