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Beauty Salon Insurance

Beauty Salon Insurance offers protection to beauty salon owners and stylists; the cover is available for both mobile and static businesses.

Salon Insurance provides general/business liability, professional liability, property coverage and worker's compensation. ´┐ŻBeauty salon insurance must include at a minimum both business liability insurance and professional liability coverage that protects the salon owner.

Business liability coverage is designed to protect salon owners from bodily injury or property damage lawsuits. A beauticians professional liability policy can cover claims for damages based on professional services. No matter whether you are guilty of neglect, insurance can cover your services and products. Property insurance provides reimbursement for specified property that is leased or owned in the event of damage. Worker's compensation is coverage for employee injury occurring on the job.

Mind that some insurance companies exclude the coverage of tanning, body piercing, permanent cosmetic application, hair transplants, tattooing or electrolysis services. Thus if you run tanning salon business you should obtain commercial insurance tanning salon specific coverage. Other specifically tailored policies are also available.