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Apartment Insurance

Apartment Insurance has two major application domains. It can refer to insurance purchased by the owner of an apartment building to cover the structure. In its second application it is often referred to as renter's insurance and denotes a special type of an insurance contract purchased by a tenant living in an apartment building. In the latter case Apartment Insurance is designed for the situation when your personal belongings are not covered by your landlord's homeowners policy and you may want to protect your precious possessions and valuable assets. A standard Apartment Insurance contract is easily available at affordable prices and covers a wide range of perils such as windstorm, fire, lightning, smoke, water damage caused by leaks, theft and any malicious damage inflicted on your property. Apartment Insurance also normally includes liability coverage should something happen to a visitor on the insured property. Given the quality of coverage, prices, limitations, deductible requirements and safety protection features, there is always a choice of Apartment Insurance policies to suit your needs.