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Health Insurance Preexisting Conditions

A preexisting condition is a medical problem or a disease a person has been diagnosed with prior to applying for medical coverage that can affect his / her availability for Health Insurance. Usually people are qualified as "high risk" if they have such medical problems as high blood pressure, the recorded history of heart attacks or heart strokes, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer, AIDS / HIV, overweight and pregnancy.

Some insurance companies, however, are more liberal in their attitude to clients with preexisting conditions, and although they usually take into consideration your medical history, which results in higher premiums, they do provide coverage for high-risk people. Besides, Federal Law ensures that coverage is available to those people who do not have a significant gap in their health insurance (usually not more than 12 months).

In addition to those few types of coverage for which people with preexisting conditions are eligible, there are several Health Insurance alternatives offered to this category of clients. You can apply for a short-term program to ensure a further coverage takeover or you can resort to limited benefit insurance just to get an affordable level of coverage. One more option is employer-provided group insurance which may not attach much importance to your preexisting condition as the total premiums enable the insurers to reimburse you for your healthcare expenses.