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Cancelled car insurance

Cancelled car insurance ensues due to many reasons. The most typical of them are when a car owner fails to pay the policy premium, gets the driver's license revoked or suspended. The cancellation goes into effect when it is revealed that the driver violated the conditions of the insurance policy or obtained it through fraud or misrepresentation or when he did not inform the insurer about the motor vehicle incidents and traffic violations which led to conviction record. The car insurance can be withdrawn in case the driver falls prey to epileptic or heart diseases and turns out to be physically unable to operate a motor car. Cancelled car insurance is put into action when the motor vehicle is liable to be defective and it can endanger public safety.

Car owners who have their car insurance cancelled must get in touch with the insurance company immediately after they have received the notification about it and make inquiries about the reasons for cancellation. It is obligatory that car owners should get a new insurance policy either at the former or the new insurer otherwise they will get a gap in their car insurance which will be taken into consideration by auto insurance companies and can lead to higher car insurance rates.