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Cat and Dog Health Insurance

Cat and Dog Health Insurance is designed for pet owners in order to help them manage unexpected veterinary bills for a dog or cat.

Cat or dog insurance companies offer quite extensive and all encompassing coverages. Most medical plans deliver veterinary care cover for both illnesses and accidents. Some plans offer coverage for prescriptions, surgeries, hospitalization, etc. The companies refund an array of illness claims. Among them are arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, epilepsy, cancer, skin and ear infections, these conditions present in both cats and dogs.�Complementary treatment (such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, homeopathic medicine) and dental treatment coverage are also available.

There are different cat and dog insurance policies. The choice of the policy will be determined by the age or medical condition such as coverage only for senior cats or those without pre-existing conditions and by the breed of your pet. For example, insurance companies may offer such plans as Kitten, Adult or Mature Health Needs that offer different medical services for your pet. Furthermore, cat or dog policies are customizable. You may design a policy that is perfect for your cat or dog and reduce your veterinary expenses.