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Insurance Agents

Insurance agents who may be referred to as insurance sales agents are workers hired by insurance companies to conduct a number of operations aimed at their product promotion and policies' distribution. Their main task is to help individuals choose the most appropriate insurance policies that satisfy their needs and provide the best protection for their lives, health and property.

Insurance sales agents are classified into captive agents and brokers. Captive agents work exclusively only for one insurance company, selling its products. Brokers are defined as agents who represent several companies, so they sell policies through many agencies. Types of insurance the agents deal with include life, health, casualty, disability, long-term care insurance. Agents also increasingly sell mutual funds, annuities and securities.

Requirements which are set to the agents by employers are the following. They are expected to have college degrees, particularly in business or economics. They also must be licensed, especially in order to obtain a right to sell life and health insurance, property or casualty insurance. The license can be obtained through completing pre-licensing courses and passing the state examination.