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Insurance for Entertainers

Insurance for Entertainers is one of the most complicated commercial insurance products designed to provide specialty policies to different types of entertainment industry such as feature films, theatrical productions, live performances, concerts, sporting events, watercraft, aircraft, rental houses, commercial photography, audio production, as well as coverage for artists, promoters, producers, contractors, broadcasters, camera operators, sound technicians, suppliers and other specialists. Insurance for Entertainers can be both personal and business. Besides, policies differ depending on the budget limit of the production that they cover.

Essentially, Insurance for Entertainers operates like any other form of workplace insurance providing two basic types of coverage: liability and coverage for workplace equipment. As an optional addition an Entertainment Insurance policy may offer you coverage against a disease or an injury. In this case if a producer or a contractor purchased a group Entertainment Insurance policy, all the people involved in the event or the production will be reimbursed the running healthcare expenses unless they quit work or are forced to quit the team. The policy is valid while the production is being made or the event is being organized.

Given the nature of entertainment industry is really fickle, there are comprehensive Entertainment Insurance policies providing quite a multilateral coverage against a number of contingencies that can hinder the smooth process of entertainment production.