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Insurance and General Information About Daycare

Daycare is care of a child during the day by a person other than the child's parents or legal guardians, typically someone outside the child's family. Daycare is provided in nurseries or child care centers or by the person caring for children in their own homes. Child care centers or individuals bear responsibility for taking care of children and keeping them safe. The center has liability should the unexpected happen to a child such as a fall from the jungle gym or some injury.

Daycare Insurance may cover any accident, medical expenses, accidental death and specific loss. There is a number of childcare insurance programs that protect licensed child care centers. They include before- and after-school day care programs, preschools and nursery schools programs, etc. Mind that it is important to purchase Liability Insurance as it will cover your expenses in the event of a lawsuit. Liability Insurance can protect you and your assets up to the limits of the policy you buy.

In and across the USA insurance coverages have different regulations, pre-requisites, minimum coverage and licensing specifications. Make sure your choice is the right one.